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Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros PDF
PDF TitleFourth Wing (The Empyrean, 1)
AuthorRebecca Yarros
PDF Size3 MB
PDF LanguageEnglish
No. of Pages512 Pages

Download Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros PDF Free

Fourth Wing Book Summary

Introducing the Exclusive Inaugural Print Edition—showcasing edges adorned with spray paint and intricate stenciled depictions of soaring dragons, accompanied by beautifully intricate map endpapers. This captivating premiere edition is offered for a limited time and while stocks last. “With its gripping suspense, alluring sensuality, and exceptionally enthralling narrative, the initial volume of Yarros’ Empyrean series is sure to enrapture enthusiasts of romantic and thrilling fantasy.”

“From start to finish, Fourth Wing will keep your heart racing… A fantastical experience unlike anything you’ve ever encountered in literature.” ―Acclaimed author Jennifer L. Armentrout, recognized as a #1 New York Times bestseller. Immerse yourself in the unforgiving and prestigious realm of a military academy for dragon pilots, crafted by the accomplished wordsmith Rebecca Yarros, acclaimed author of USA Today bestsellers.

At the tender age of twenty, Violet Sorrengail had envisioned a tranquil existence within the Scribe Quadrant, immersing herself in the solace of literature and the annals of history. However, fate took an unexpected turn as her formidable and indomitable mother, known for her resolute nature, decreed that Violet must embark on a path that would test her mettle alongside innumerable aspirants vying to be the esteemed dragon riders of Navarre. Yet, plagued by a diminutive stature and a fragile constitution, the specter of mortality loomed ominously, for dragons did not forge bonds with those they deemed “frail” but rather engulfed them in fiery oblivion.

In a world where dragons were scarce in their willingness to form bonds with aspiring riders, the prevailing sentiment among the cadets dictated that eliminating Violet would enhance their own prospects for triumph. Furthermore, there were those who harbored animosity towards her simply by virtue of being her mother’s offspring, exemplified by Xaden Riorson, an eminent and unyielding leader within the esteemed Riders Quadrant. To endure and witness the dawn of each new day, Violet would have to leverage her intellect to its fullest extent, employing every advantage at her disposal.

However, as the sun sets and rises anew, the conflict raging beyond the academy’s walls intensifies, leaving in its wake a mounting toll of casualties and the disintegration of the kingdom’s once impregnable barriers. Adding to the harrowing situation, a growing unease gnaws at Violet, hinting at the possibility that the governing powers harbor a dreadful clandestine truth. Amidst this turmoil, every individual at Basgiath War College, be they friend, foe, or lover, carries their own hidden agenda, for once you step into its hallowed halls, there exist but two paths to traverse: graduation or demise.

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