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Happy Place by Emily Henry
PDF TitleHappy Place
AuthorEmily Henry
PDF Size2.6 MB
PDF LanguageEnglish
No. of Pages24 Pages

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Happy Place Book Summary

A couple who ended their relationship a few months ago is pretending to still be together for their annual weeklong vacation with their close friends in a captivating and insightful new novel by Emily Henry, a bestselling author. Harriet and Wyn have been the perfect couple ever since they met in college. They were like two peas in a pod, always inseparable. However, something happened that caused them to break up, and they haven’t talked about it yet.

It’s been five months since their breakup, but they haven’t had the courage to inform their best friends. As a result, they now find themselves sharing a bedroom at a charming cottage in Maine. This cottage has been their group’s yearly retreat for the past ten years—a special place where they escape their everyday lives, indulge in lots of cheese, wine, and seafood, and breathe in the refreshing coastal air with the people who truly understand them.

But this year is different. Harriet and Wyn are hiding the truth, even as they can’t help but feel a strong desire for each other. They’re aware that the cottage is up for sale, and this is their final week together in this beloved location. They don’t want to hurt their friends’ hearts, so they’ve decided to play along.

Harriet will act as the ambitious surgical resident who never starts an argument, while Wyn will portray the easygoing charmer who never reveals any cracks in his facade. It seems like a flawless plan, as long as you’re looking at it from a great distance and through sunscreen-smeared sunglasses. After being in love for so many years, they think it shouldn’t be too difficult to fake their relationship for just one week—in front of the people who know them best.

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