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Hidden Potential by Adam Grant PDF
PDF TitleHidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things
AuthorJonathan Eig
PDF Size5 MB
PDF LanguageEnglish
No. of Pages304

Download Hidden Potential by Adam Grant PDF Free

Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things Book Summary

Our world often idolizes talent. We praise smart students, gifted athletes, and young musical prodigies. However, this focus on innate advantages can make us forget about our own potential for growth. We underestimate our ability to learn new skills and improve ourselves. We can all become better at getting better. And even when opportunities don’t come knocking, we can find ways to create our own opportunities.

The book “Hidden Potential” presents a fresh perspective on setting higher goals and surpassing expectations. Adam Grant combines groundbreaking evidence, surprising insights, and captivating stories that take us from classrooms to boardrooms, from playgrounds to the Olympics, and even to outer space. He shows us that success depends more on effective learning than just hard work. It’s not about possessing innate genius, but about developing our character. Grant explores how to cultivate the right character skills and motivations to unlock our own potential, as well as how to create systems that provide opportunities for those who have been underestimated and overlooked.

While many authors have written about the habits of extraordinary achievers, this book reveals that anyone can rise to accomplish great things. Your potential isn’t measured solely by the highest point you reach, but by the progress you make to get there. It’s about how far you’ve climbed on your journey towards success.

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