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Only the Dead by Jack Carr PDF
PDF TitleOnly the Dead: A Thriller (6) (Terminal List)
AuthorJack Carr
PDF Size5 MB
PDF LanguageEnglish
No. of Pages576 Pages

Download Only the Dead by Jack Carr PDF Free

Only the Dead: A Thriller (6) (Terminal List) Book Summary

Navy SEAL James Reece finds himself caught in a gripping global conspiracy in this thrilling book that’s packed with excitement. This story, written by the acclaimed author Jack Carr, will captivate you with its thrilling narrative and keep you engaged from beginning to end. Carr is highly regarded for his ability to craft gripping political thrillers that will have you on the edge of your seat, eagerly turning the pages.

In the year 1980, a newly elected congressman was tragically shot in Rhode Island. This shocking event sent shockwaves through Washington, and even after more than four decades, its impact can still be felt.

Fast forward to the present, where the world is teetering on the brink of war. The United States is grappling with issues like rampant inflation, political divisions, and disturbing assassinations. In the midst of this chaos, a secret group of powerful individuals is plotting to seize control. They believe that by locking away the world’s most dangerous man, they have removed the last obstacle to achieving their domination. However, they couldn’t be more mistaken.

From the towering skyscrapers of Wall Street to the influential corridors of power in Washington, DC, and Moscow, long-buried secrets from the past have a way of resurfacing in the present.

Facing overwhelming odds, James Reece embarks on a mission that has been in the making for generations. Unfazed by the challenges ahead, the former SEAL is determined to bring justice. Armed with his tomahawk and sniper rifle, James Reece will stop at nothing to ensure that no one is beyond his reach.

Critically acclaimed as a master storyteller, Jack Carr brings us a quintessential hero in James Reeceā€”a character perfectly suited for the chaotic political landscape of our time. K.J. Howe, the author of Skyjack, describes Reece as exactly what we need in today’s tumultuous world.

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