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Prepared by Mike Glover PDF
PDF TitlePrepared: A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios
AuthorMike Glover
PDF Size1 MB
PDF LanguageEnglish
No. of Pages256 Pages

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Prepared: A Manual for Surviving Worst-Case Scenarios Book Summary

Many people believe that being prepared for a catastrophe involves stockpiling MREs and building a bunker in their backyard. However, this approach doesn’t fully protect you in the face of real-world challenges like car accidents, natural disasters, power outages, and global pandemics. “Prepared” challenges the prevailing survival wisdom and focuses on teaching fundamental preparedness skills that not only enhance situational awareness and mobility but also foster resilient mental habits.

With 20 years of experience in the US Army, Special Forces, and as a CIA contractor, Mike Glover has trained numerous individuals and families in the art and science of survival. In this book, he provides guidance on:

Utilizing brain chemistry to eliminate the freeze response and increase stress tolerance during crises.
Strengthening your home by learning how to effectively use and store essential foods, water, supplies, first aid items, and ammunition in your daily life.
Equipping your vehicle with adequate first aid supplies to respond to injuries promptly, potentially saving lives before professional help arrives.
Drawing upon Glover’s harrowing combat and real-world experiences, “Prepared” demonstrates that there is no force more powerful than someone who is truly prepared. Glover emphasizes that surviving a catastrophe is not about living in fear of crises but about developing resilient habits that enable you to be ready for whatever circumstances you may face.

By learning from this book, you will gain valuable insights into building resilience and readiness, ensuring that you can tackle any challenge that comes your way with confidence.

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